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mm Cube

From light car trailer to 16 m2 mobile presentation and exhibition stand
The mm Cube is the smallest model from the modern mm Rooms vehicle series and at the same time – the most cost-effective solution in the Cube segment. The vehicle can be configured individually according to customer requirements. Special sizes and equipment, as well as optional glazing as weather protection, are possible by arrangement. All models of the mm Rooms series are available for purchase, rent or lease. 20 years of special vehicle practical experience for the best practical usability.

The USPs:



With only 2,4 x 2,4 m transportation dimensi-ons the mm Cube provides remarkable 16 m2 of show space. Thanks to modern lightweight materials and alu-minium frame the overall weight of the mm Cube lies under 2 tons. So even small cars can trans-port it without problems.

| electrical power: 16 A 200 V
| brakes: inertial
| footprint and show space: 16 m2
| overall weight:

The mm Cube can be towed by conventional cars. There is no unloading, because the Cube descends to a barrier-free ground level at the push of a button due to an automatic lowering function. The side flaps are open by remote as well. The bottom flaps have an intelligent mechanical lift system for effortless opening and closing. Optionally, the mm Cube can have a roof advertising structure with tremendous visibility. The four-sided superstructure slides up electrically within 30 seconds.

Day or night, B2B or B2C, indoor or outdoor, pop-up store in the city center or exhibition booth at an event: the mm Cube is an all-rounder and excels with its modern design for every kind of marketing campaign. The generous action area leaves enough room for customer talks, promotions, product placement and advertising displays. In addition the front counter is firmly installed and can be used to stow materials or serve as a reception stand. Two screens on the side flaps show the necessary content. The complete rear wall as well as the counter and roof construction offer enormous space for campaign branding.

| 2 folding info-walls
| 2 LED monitors
| 1 info counter, 1 sideboard
| LED outdoor and interior lighting
| optional special lighting of the roof advertising area

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